By G9ija

Golf is said to be a game described in flowing poetic sentences that elicit more than reactions from those tied to the game it elicits feelings.

In Nigeria, golf dates back to the 20th century when the British introduced this poetic sport. By 1969, the Nigerian Open came into being (as a replica of the international golf championship known as British Open). The emergence of facilities for golf sport in locations such as Sapele (1908), Rayfield Jos, (1913), and subsequently several others in Ikeja (Lagos), Ibadan, Enugu and Abuja presaged avid golfers, who lived, ate and spoke golf.

Sir Lucky Omoluwa’s image loomed large in the golfing landscape. He contributed immensely to golf sport in Nigeria.

We are chronicling the journey of golf in Nigeria in a special edition of Golf Icons, our publication on golf. We are also linking the footprints of Sir Omoluwa in golfing to the sojourn of this unique sport.

We invite owners of  golf courses, professional and amateur golfers, as well as enthusiasts to key into this special publication.