By G9ija

NYSC Corpers used to illustrate the story.

An official of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) says Nigerian youths support the scheme and disagree with those calling for it to be scrapped.

Suleman Abdul, NYSC state coordinator, Federal Capital Territory, said the calls to scrap the scheme are from a few Nigerians who do not know its value.

Mr Abdul made this statement Saturday during the cultural carnival ceremony of the Batch B stream 2 orientation course at the permanent camp in Kubwa, Abuja.

“The calls that have been coming in to scrap NYSC are from a very few Nigerians who may not be aware of what the NYSC stands for.

“If they are aware that as Nigerians we should come together as one, and if they are aware of the power of the Nigerians youth, they will have no reason to call for the scrapping of the scheme,” the coordinator said.

According to him, “I see no reason why a very old man will come and be making so much noise about this.

“They should ask the Nigerian youths if scrapping the scheme is really what they want. From what we are seeing here, and from what the NYSC has been able to do over the years, I believe the answer will be a resounding no,” Mr Abdul added. 

There have been calls across the country to scrap the scheme for reasons which include insecurities, ethnic violence, religious extremism, among others.