By G9ija

Japan: North Korea missile launch a threat to region

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said the two rounds of unidentified ballistic missiles fired by North Korea into the open waters of the East Sea on Wednesday were a threat to the region.

Suga said the launch was “simply outrageous,” adding that it was a “threat to the peace and security” of the region, according to CNBC.

“It is in violation of UN Security Council resolution, and I strongly protest and condemn this,” Suga said, adding that the government will continue to watch the area.

“We will work closely with the U.S., South Korea, and other concerned nations to resolutely protect the lives of our citizens and their peaceful lives,” he said.

North Korea on Wednesday launched two missiles from the west coast of the Korean Peninsula into the East Sea open waters. That area, according to CNBC, is also known as the Sea of Japan.

Less than three hours later, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said it sent a missile from a submerged 3,700-ton submarine, which hit its target accurately.

South Korea’s presidential office said the weapon was sent to help deter external threats. The Associated Press said the launch was in reference to North Korea and the two missiles it had fired earlier.

The missile launches come days after North Korea successfully test-fired its new long-range cruise missiles this weekend.

The Korean Central News Agency said the missiles hit their target, which was located about 930 miles away. They traveled in the air for 7,580 seconds and ultimately landed in North Korea’s territorial waters.

The launches also come as the U.S. and North Korea are still in a stalemate when it comes to nuclear talks.

President Biden’s special envoy for North Korea has called on the country to resurrect talks with the U.S., but the north has asked for sanctions to be lifted.