By G9ija

Authorities of the Ministry of Justice will present today the draft bill of the new Family Code, to promote popular debate and specialized consult on the regulations.
Recently, president Miguel Díaz-Canel, called for the circulation and debate of the text that has the peculiarity of being the only legal norm other than the Constitution that is brought to referendum.

We are in the 22th edition of this document and we must have fundamental contents be known through our information channels, the head of state said.

Commission specialists in charge of the drafting coincided in pointing out the importance of the new document, because it recognizes all types of families in Cuba, and therefore, takes into account their protection.

According to Minister of Justice, Oscar Silvera, from a multidisciplinary approach, experts will make up a proposal for a sound and updated legal regulation.

This is the step prior to the presentation to legislators, he commented, and explained that when Parliament approves the draft Code, it must also define when and for how long popular consult will last.