BNaija housemates Nini and Cross, on Wednesday morning engaged in a heated brawl, it all started after Cross asked Nini to leave the bathroom.

In a response, Nini asked him to wait but Cross raised his voice at her.

Nini called him dumb and Cross called her ‘stupid’, which led to a heated argument, with Nini accusing Cross of being a bully.

Nini was seen shouting and hurling insults at Cross in the house.

She stated: “He kept on yelling at me. Let’s do an IQ test and you’ll be the one with the lowest IQ what do you know about jumping about.

“The smallest thing in your body is your brain as big as you are. You don’t know me, if you see me on the road you’ll avoid me.

“I’ve been indulging you to feed your ego.

“We know you have a small brain, we just hail you to feed your ego. You’re big for nothing, empty vessel.”

Cross cried after his heated argument with Nini. It can however be recalled that Cross once told Nini that out of the female housemates she was the one he(Cross) feared the most.

Angel consoling him, advised him not to take things personal but to be strong.

“I’m sure Nini didn’t mean all she said, I’m sure she didn’t mean all that.

“You’re smart and your brain is not small,” Angel told Cross.