By G9ija

Their ‘fight started after Kiddwaya, during a conversation told Florence Otedola also known as dj cuppy to drop aside her billionaire attitude maybe she could get a man to stay by her.

The trending scenario was an extract from the rich kid’s part in a reality show, Highlife.

Cuppy was getting along with Kiddwaya in a conversation before it all got heated by the male friend’s advice.

Cuppy’s mum, Nana, who also featured in the reality show could be seen backing Kiddwaya’s comment saying he was just being himself.

Kiddwaya had said that Cuppy’s attitude is controlling and that she needs help. He admonished her to rob herself of the billionaire lifestyle so at least she can find a man.

His words obviously did not settle well with Cuppy as she grabbed a glass of drink and poured it on Kiddwaya before heading out in anger.

Kids advice to Cuppy read; “I think you’re very controlling. I think you need to drop this whole billionaire attitude and maybe you might actually find a man. I think you need help.”