Aisha Buhari Sends Strong Message to Pantami as he Sheds Tears in Viral Video, the First Lady has asked the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Ali Isa Pantami, to be courageous to do the right thing. This is after what seemed like a break from attacking her husband or his appointees on social media. In an Instagram post the minster was crying.

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Aisha Buhari Aisha’s message came after the minister prayed to Allah to make him one of the faithful servants who will entire paradise, the minister burst into tears after his reciter read a verse of the Holy Quran. “That is the Garden we shall give as their own to those of our servants who were devout,” read the reciter from Surah Maryam, Verse 63.

In response, Pantami sobbed, “O Allah! Make me one of them. O Allah! Make me one of them!” The First Lady, who posted the video, attached a short Hausa sentence to it. “A chire tsoro a yi abinda ya dace”, which means “Be courageous to do the right thing”.

It is unclear why the president’s wife posted this video, which is currently generating attention on social media. Aisha Buhari has on different occasions criticized her husband or those around him publicly. The message, sent in Haura on Sunday, September 12, was meant to inspire the minister to find the courage to do what is right