By G9ija

An Afghan girl stands among widows clad in burqas during a cash for work project by humanitarian organisation CARE International in Kabul - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.09.2021

International donors on Monday pledged more than $1 billion in humanitarian aid to support Afghanistan grappling with an acute economic crisis after the Taliban* takeover, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at a ministerial meeting in Geneva on the situation in the country.

“We already heard clearly more than 1 billion US dollars of pledges,” Guterres said.Last week, the United Nations had launched an emergency appeal seeking $606 million in aid for Afghanistan.UN Secretary-General warned on Monday that the possibility of an economic collapse in Afghanistan was very serious.

“It is serious,” Guterres stated in a press briefing when asked how serious the possibility was of a complete economic collapse following the Taliban* takeover.

The issue of removing the Taliban* from the list of terrorist organisations is up to the United Nations member states and the UN Secretariat will not interfere in their decisions, Guterres said on Monday.”UN Secretary-General also stressed that it was crucial to engage with the Taliban* to address a number of concerns in Afghanistan, including humanitarian aid and human rights, as well as terrorism.

“It is impossible to provide humanitarian assistance inside Afghanistan without engaging with the de-facto authorities in the country,” Guterres said during a press conference. “And I do believe that it is very important to engage with the Taliban at the present moment for all aspects that concern the international community: be it about terrorism, be it about human rights, be it about drugs, be it about the nature of the government. So, our attitude is to engage.”