popularly known as Jigan Babaoja has taken to his social media to expose his colleagues in the movie industry concerning the real life and social media.

Jigan Babaoja revealed in a recent tweet that his colleagues are suffering but they are showing the world and their fans a fake life. According to Jigan Babaoja, many of his colleagues are suffering but showing the audience a fake life on social media.

Jigan Babaoja said his post should be a wakeup call to his colleagues and advised that people should learn the film business and not be a fool.

He wrote: The truth be told if not for social media, I don’t know where my life will be at present because that my movie industry people are suffering and showing the audience a fake like. I thank God and this message is a wakeup call learn film business don’t be mugun

According to him, he does not know what his life would have been present if not for social media whilst he expressed gratitude to God. He states out that this is a wake-up call for all and urges his colleagues and sundry to learn the film business and not be a ‘mugun’.

Reportedly Jigan Babaoja, took to social media to issue a strong warning to movie producers who use their friends for movie production to avoid spending money. In a post shared on Twitter, the actor said producers should demand a price from the cast and stop using friendship as a cover-up because it is detrimental for any business.