By G9ija

Actress, Anita Joseph has given single ladies tips on how to get the right man for marriage. According to her,. single ladies to be spiritually awake when choosing a life partner to be able to make the right choice.

The actress stated this in agreement to a post by one Sandynnah who said when ladies stop using wealth and luxurious lifestyles as the criteria for choosing a husband, they will be able to see the true potential of their suitors.

When you remove cubana money, luxuriously furnished houses, machines in the driveway as your priority for husband material, your eyes will open to the potentials of husbands knocking on your door

Reacting to the said post, Anita Joseph said most ladies are blockheads and would still use material things as a yardstick in choosing a life partner.

According to her, this shouldn’t be because choosing a partner goes beyond the physical and ladies need to activate their spiritual antenna when looking for a spouse.

She wrote on Instagram,

“Naaaaaaaa they won’t listen When looking for a life partner you must also be spiritually alertYour spiritual Antenna must be activated”