By G9ija

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Monday said that his country will further consolidate the ties with Cubans abroad, when recalling the call for the so-called Dialogue of 1978.
On his Twitter account, the minister recalled the invitation made by Historic Leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, to Cuban residents in the United States on September 6, 1978; a meeting that ‘was the beginning of a continuous and irreversible process to strengthen relations.’

In a recent interview, Director General of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad (DACCRE), Ernesto Soberon, ratified that Cuba favors dialogue with its emigrants.

There are no forbidden topics; everything can be debated and analyzed, but based on respect to the country’s sovereignty and independence as the only requirement, the official said.

Currently, more than 450,000 citizens who reside in Cuba enjoy some migratory status in other states, whether as citizens, residents, with permission to work or other.

On September 6, 1978, Fidel Castro, during an interview with a group of Cuban and American journalists, invited representative personalities of the Cuban community in the United States to hold an open dialogue on topics of mutual interest.

The main issues addressed were visits to Cuba by emigrants, which had not been allowed up to that time, family reunification and the release of those serving time in prison for acting against the Revolution.