By G9ija

Head of the house, Liquorose, has expressed that she knew there’s no way Queen would get evicted from the Big Brother Naija Season 6 house last night mainly because of her confidence.

Talking to Boma and Tega this morning, she disclosed that Queen’s expression during the night of eviction was too bold and strong. There was no fidgeting whatsoever displayed by her. Liquorose also mentioned that she recalls Queen openly telling her she’ll compete till the last day. She expressed some kind of confidence that shook Liquorose to the bones.

Queen was part of the nominees for last night’s eviction. JMK, whom she came with, went home yesterday along with Sammie and Maria. Liquorose also mentioned that JMK had a strong feeling she’d leave last night whereas Queen didn’t show a shadow of fear during the eviction period. Maria’s exit surprised a lot of people, considering how ‘relevant’ she was in the house. Liquorose wept bitterly after her dear friend’s exit.