By G9ija

As the issues of herdsmen continue to be of topical discussion, Gombe Governor, Inuwa Yahaya is seeking more understanding from his southern counterparts.

The Southwest governors and some of their Eastern counterparts had already banned open grazing. Even Benue was the hotspot for the herdsmen/farmers crisis.

Speaking with Nation in an exclusive interview on the fate of herders following the governors’ recent ban on open grazing in their states. the governor said every Nigerian, in or out of government, must be his brother’s keeper.

Speaking on the issue concerning of security in the country, Governor Yahaya acknowledged that there are instances where some misunderstandings arose which led to the destruction of lives, property and even almost destroyed the foundation of the whole nation.

“I am happy to say that Gombe State is relatively peaceful despite so many things; very cosmopolitan. People of different backgrounds live, work together and see one another as brothers and sisters. It has been like this from the time of my grandparents to my parents and even to this time. Without peace and without mutual understanding, there will be no development. And when there is no development, it means the nation will collapse.”

Proffering a likely solution to the issue, the governor said there is a need to combine both knowledges of traditional leaders to the present dispensation in facing the challenge.

“We all have knowledge. We cannot claim not to have knowledge. We cannot claim to have not learned from our leaders, especially from the traditional institutions who are the custodians of knowledge passed down from our forefathers. We have the responsibility to combine modern knowledge with that of our forefathers and fashion out a way so that we don’t overstep our bounds and peacefully co-exist to realise our dreams.

“However, there are some criminal elements among us who do not want the country to move forward because of their greed and selfish ambition. These selfish and greedy groups who are only after their political, economic or otherwise interests now hide behind religion and ethnicity to cause disaffection among the innocent populace, and when that happens, everybody becomes his brother’s enemy. That is the situation we find ourselves in Nigeria today, and it is very unfortunate.”