By G9ija

The Executive Producer of “GOBE” movie, Kauna Bawa on Saturday called for support from well-meaning Nigerians in support of Internally Displaced Children in the North.

Bawa made the call during the premier of GOBE, a movie based on two internally displaced children, Grace Hammam and Destiny Manu, who lost their parents in one of the Jos crises.

They went to live with their aunty who forced them out to beg for alms, which made them to run away into an unknown world of suffering.

Bawa said that she got her inspiration from her love and passion for children and also as an indigene of Kaduna State, who experienced crises at an early age.

She urged well-meaning Nigerians, international donors, private sector and government to come to the aid of the children in the areas which include: Jos, Kaduna and Bauchi States.

“I was inspired to produce this movie because of my love and passion for kids, I grew up in Air force base, Jos, but I am from Kaduna State.

“I witness the crises back then in 2001 and I was in the midst of it and that pushed me to make a movie on what is happening in the North, especially in Kaduna and Jos.

“We decided to make a movie to raise awareness and touch people’s consciousness to help fund these kids to go to school and make a living in the future as well.

“My village Godogodo, was attacked recently and we do not have a school for the local people, they have to walk many kilometres to other villages to attend schools if they can.

“Our objectives are to build schools, offer skills acquisition and de-populate the IDPs in order to make these young people contribute and not be a menace to the society,” she said.