By G9ija

Biggie Reveals A Clue About The Wildcards To Peace

Big brother Nigeria season six (6) tagged ‘Shine Ya Eye‘ housemate, Sammie, has shifted his interest from Angel to Peace as he confessed to her last night, of wanting her to be his.

Though Sammie had been going after Angel since they got along at the Jacuzzi party, but it seems things didn’t go as he wanted and he has now decided to shift his attention somewhere else.

He now seems to be interested in Peace and he made his intentions known to her last night, whiles they were having a conversation in the room.

He was heard telling her that, he wanted her to be his. But Peace, However, responded saying she was not a property for him to want to own.

She, however, asked Sammie about his relationship with Angel and he claimed, they were just friends. But Peace instead she was sure he was more into her than just friends as he was territorial of her and therefore asked what happened.

But Sammie insisted it was nothing serious and claimed it was a joke and said though their play was nice at first, but the whole thing “no sweet again.”