By G9ija

Dimitar Berbatov has said Tottenham striker Harry Kane will face a mental battle with chairman Daniel Levy if he wants to get a move away.

Berbatov went on ‘strike’ at Spurs — before joining Manchester United.

So as England skipper Kane tries to force through a transfer to Manchester City, no one is better placed to give advice than Berba.

He told The Sun: “I know exactly how Harry Kane is feeling.

“I know he will be going through a difficult and confusing time, with a million questions going around his head.

“He’s going to be mentally and physically exhausted after all of this.

“Now he will be asking so many questions, sabotaging himself.

“Am I, Mr Spurs, still doing the right thing by not going to training? Why am I doing this?

“What happens if it doesn’t work and I need to go back to my old team-mates? How am I going to look them in the eye?

“How will I look the fans in the eye? Will they forgive me?

“I am sure Kane is torn apart and I am sure he is going through a painful period.”