By G9ija

A week after it was made known that Tobias Chukwuemeka, a late Ebonyi politician, was nominated for appointment by President Muhammadu, the Nigerian Senate has considered replacing him.

According to Senate President Ahmad Lawan, the Committee on Federal Character will work with the executive towards replacing the deceased.

POLITICS NIGERIA reported that the 59-year-old who died in February, featured on the 38-man list sent to Senate, seeking confirmation of the appointments.

It was gathered that Mr Chukwuemeka was, a former member of the House of Representatives between 2011-2015, who gave up the ghost on February 27 sequel to an unknown illness. Although critics and opposition party members have chastised the President for making such mistake, the Presidency defended that the list was collated during the lifetime of Mr Chukwuemeka.

However, lawmakers of the red Chambers began the confirmation process on Tuesday by referring the list of the nominees for screening when an Ebonyi Senator raised a Point of Order to inform his colleagues that the nominee is late.

“In the list of the FCC, number 12 died in February. He happens to come from my state so that a change will be made.”

Reacting to this, Mr Lawan said he was aware and explained why his name was sent regardless.

“I spoke to the SGF on this. The process was completed when the late colleague died. They have taken note of it. The committee that will handle this should take particular note.”

“The authorities on the executive side (are) already working on it,” he said.