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A homeless Nigerian girl with natural brown eyes and hair has become an internet sensation after she was spotted on the streets of Lagos and transformed into a sensational model.

Homeless Nigerian girl becomes

The young girl, identified as Oyinyechi, was discovered by fashion designer, Toyin Lawani’s husband, celebrity photographer Segun Wealth, while he was driving down the street.

According to Segun Wealth, founder of Kids Model Africa, he picked an interest in Onyiyechi when she was walking down the street with her sister and decided to follow her home to seek her parent’s approval to give her a photoshoot.

On getting to their house, he discovered that they were a living in a batcher and would soon be displaced by the government, leaving them with no place to stay.

Homeless Nigerian girl becomes

The parents agreed to the shoot and Onyiyechi whose dream is to become a model and actress was transformed into a beautiful model.

Sharing the photos on their official social media, @kidmodelsafrica wrote,

“Hello world. I present to you OYINYECHI
Can this journey begin?
I found her on the street walking home with her Sister and followed her home to meet her parent then I realized they’re in a batcher. A place not comfortable at all, after a while it even got worst as the government cleared batcher dwellers in the the area and they were left with no place to stay. She has 2 sisters and she’s the second child of her parent. Her dream is to become a model and actress.
I believe we can help her and her family realize this dream and give them a good life. She’s now signed to my agency @kidmodelsafrica and you can reach her for assistance and bookings via this handle until we create her own link. God bless you. More pictures coming.”

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