By G9ija

Moscow can see some progress in efforts to resolve a domestic political crisis in Haiti and wishes success to the country’s new government, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on Thursday.

“We have taken note of some progress in the situation [in Haiti],” she pointed out. “We wish success to the new government, trusting in its vast political experience, but we cannot refrain from pointing out that the cabinet was formed under the firm control of a select group of countries led by the United States,” Zakharova noted.

“Based on publicly available information, we would also like to mention reports of foreign involvement in the gruesome assassination of the Haitian president. We are talking about a large group of Colombian military members and a US private military company,” the diplomat added.

According to her, American experts are carefully avoiding mentioning the US-based private military company in their comments. Zakharova stressed that Russia “is far from making firm conclusions” and called on American journalists to look into the circumstances surrounding the Haitian president’s assassination.

Haiti’s new government headed by Prime Minister Ariel Henry was sworn in on July 20. The country’s President Jovenel Moise suffered a fatal wound, when armed intruders had stormed his residence on July 7. Following his assassination, the country’s council of ministers imposed martial law across the country for 15 days.