By G9ija

Lincoln stated this during an Instagram interview while he noted that reports that he was the one beating Bolanle, are false. He claimed that she was the one who started the beating before he began to retaliate.

When he was asked if he has evidence to back this allegation, he said yes and recalled when she picked up a knife to stab him in Accra, Ghana.

Recounting the ill treatment vetted on him by his ex-wife in their 6-months of marriage, Lincon claimed she once wounded him on the eyebrow in the course of a fight.

Speaking further, Bolanle’s cousin who joined in the live video said all lincon as said so far was a lie and tis led to the two  exchanging heated words against each other on Instagram Live as dirty laundries are aired.

“Every blessed day, he used to beat my sister. He beat her one week after their wedding, while she was heavily pregnant and she landed in hospital multiple times,” BJ said.

He named the hospital and asked people to go there and make enquiries.

Lincon hit back, calling BJ a “player” and telling him that he’s a thief who stole his wrist watch.

“You’re a thief. You stole my Apple wrist watch motherf***er. Ode.”

Recall that Lincon and video vixen, Bolanle, aka Bolanle Pepper dem, got married in February while the latter was heavily pregnant. She welcomed their son two months ago and Lincon sent her packing from their home earlier this week.

He claimed she was violent but her cousin, BJ, says Lincon was the violent one.