By G9ija

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bauchi State has described allegations made by the state governor, Bala Mohammed, against some influential persons over insecurity in the state as an attempt to cover up his ineptitude, administrative blunders and apparent failure to run the state.

At a press conference addressed by the APC chairman, Alhaji Uba Ahmed Nana, in Bauchi on Thursday, the opposition party berated the governor for attempting to divert attention from real issues, by claiming that some unnamed Abuja politicians were importing criminals into the state.

He described the Governor Mohammed’s claims during a public gathering last week as unfounded allegations.

LEADERAHIP reports that the governor was quoted as saying: “I know some leaders of the state who are busy bringing criminals to the state, I will talk when the time comes… But certainly, we are not afraid of them. You have seen what is manifesting in Bauchi of recent, criminality everywhere, kidnapping and stealing, it is not just like that. And I have security reports and we know are those behind it. And because we are quiet, we are allowing everybody to go round in Bauchi, doesn’t mean that we cannot stop them. No matter how big a person is, we can stop him from coming to Bauchi… You will see a different Bala Mohammed from next month, because we have been keeping quiet for too long and people are taking us for granted.”

Nana, therefore, dared the governor to name the politicians he was referring to as those bringing criminals to the state.

He also challenged Governor Mohammed to provide evidence to justify his allegations against the persons he was referring to, describing the allegations as mere political gimmicks and diversionary tactics.

“Instead of media trial, why not brief the appropriate law enforcement agents to investigate and prosecute anyone found in connection with the alleged crimes or abetment?,” he said.

According to the APC chairman, the governor instead of beating around the bush, should pay all workers’ salaries as at when due without being selective, pay pensions and gratuities to all retirees, and pay leave grants and other allowances to civil servants.

Nana further stated that instead of what he called vituperations by the governor, he should ensure promotion of civil servants alongside payment of their salaries and emoluments, supply fertilizers to farmers to ensure food security, provide quality education, basic necessities of life and execute people-oriented projects.

Nana, therefore, called on the state governor to instead of diverting public attention governance issues, focus on fulfilling his electioneering campaign promises as, according to him, Bauchi people were fully conscientised and have attained political maturity that will make such gimmicks not have impact on their psyche.

“The failure of the present PDP administration is imminent as its poor performance permeates through all sectors and agencies in Bauchi State,” he stated.