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Comic Actor, Hafiz Oyetoro ‘Saka’ Celebrate 15th Wedding Anniversary

Popular Nollywood actor, Hafeez Oyetoro aka Saka, recently proved to his son that he is a celebrity that brands pursue with money. Saka, has taken to social media with a photo of one of the outfits his son made for him, according to Oyetoro everything began with One phone call from his son.

The proud father revealed the process it took for the young man to learn and take over his wardrobe for almost a year

 “I didn’t wake up on time that morning because I worked far late into the previous night. What woke me up was a phone call. Still feeling sleepy, l didn’t bother to check who was calling. ” Hello ?” And he responded “Hello popsy”

” Oh, Paddy mi good morning .” We exchanged our daddy/son pleasantries. Then “…em popsy.” and I responded ” yes?”

Any time my son starts with “…. em” I know he is up to something. He continues “popsy I want to take over your wardrobe.”

I laughed. “what do you mean? Are you a fashion designer or a tailor?” Yes…in a few months time”

Well, because I was still feeling sleepy, I just quickly said ok so that the conversation can be over and I can go back to my sleep.

“But Popsy, I need money o” “What for” I quickly asked. “To learn fashion designing now” he responded. …To cut the long story short, he convinced me and his mum to pay for his apprehentiship. Today, the rest is history. Within three months, he did truly take over my wardrobe.

And so, Ladies and gentlemen, meet ‘Padi mi’, my son, the Amateur fashion designer who has been designing my wears for close to a year now.

This is one of his latest designs.

Now, he wants Saka to be his brand Ambassador FREE OF CHARGE. Please help me tell him he has to pay Saka so that daddy can pay his school fees. Have a wonderful day. … IT IS WELL