By G9ija

Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs described a ruling by a top EU court allowing companies to ban hijabs in the workplace as a violation of freedom of religion and a manifestation of intolerance toward Muslims.

On Thursday, the European Court of Justice ruled that all private EU employers can fire their staff for wearing head coverings or other religious, political or philosophical insignia if they want to present a neutral image toward customers or prevent a social dispute, RIA Novosti reported.

“The decision of the EU court to restrict the wearing of headscarves openly violates the freedom of religion. This is a new example of how Europe attempts to restore its identity that is directed against Islam and the intolerance towards Muslims,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry added that Muslims are already exposed to “intolerance, hatred and even violence” in EU countries and the new ruling multiplies the injustices that they face.

“In particular, this situation has a very negative impact on Muslim women who are excluded from the socio-economic sphere. It cannot be denied that this tendency is dangerous and it shows that nothing has been learned from the past,” the ministry added.

The ministry has condemned the EU court ruling and blamed it for fueling hostility toward Islam.