By G9ija

The European Union (EU), on Thursday, deployed 32 long-term observers for Zambia’s Aug. 12 general elections.

The observers were deployed to all the country’s 10 provinces with a view to observing campaign activities, electoral preparations and arrangements for the polling day.

Dimitra Ioannou, Deputy Chief Observer, said the observers would meet with local and electoral officials, representatives from political parties and candidates among others.

This is according to remarks delivered when she flagged off the departure of the observers from Lusaka, the country’s capital.

The official said the long-term observers would be joined by short-term observers from EU member countries, which will bring the total number of observers to about 70.

According to her, the role of the observer mission will be to carry out a comprehensive observation of the entire electoral process in Zambia.

The mission would issue a preliminary statement of their findings shortly after Election Day.

A final report would be presented at a later stage after the conclusion of the entire electoral process, she added.