By G9ija

Nollywood actress Eucharia Anunobi has urged her fans to have a good heart towards people who hate them, the 56 years old who had recently decleared her willingness to remarry took to her Instagram page, sharing a photo of herself sizzling with good vibes as she tackled haters.

She explained that no matter what people do in life, there would always be haters seeking to bring down high achievers.

You wonder why everything about you gives some people headaches, give them high blood pressure and seizures ❓

And these same people seemingly have it all and you are barely surviving. You’re managing the very little you have , you are in your zone , walking your lane , constantly praying to be like those that seem to be made ( they ride classy vehicles , live in opulent homes , wear designers labels, cash to throw around , have churches and you’re just running a ministry , they are married and you’re single )yet these supposed ” made ones ” get irked by your little successes , they monitor your every step , they send spies after you , now on social media, they use ” fake account ‘ to monitor your every post, they just won’t let you be ‼️

You know why : they are afraid of your tomorrow , they know that little things turn to big things , they know your own reign tomorrow will be more grandiose than theirs, so they are all flustered , they want and wish to stop you .

But if they couldn’t keep JESUS in the grave and Herod also couldn’t kill JESUS, they are forever impotent and l command they remain forever PARALYSED ‼️‼️