By G9ija

A Nigerian lady has taken to her Facebook page to declare that she will not share or foot any bill with her husband when she’s married.

She said she’ll do it when she deems fit, otherwise, she’ll be more akin to being fully taken care of by her husband.

Her post reads ;

I Olajumoke the second daughter of my father is not going to share/foot any bills in marriage ….
I will support as I deem fit, but my dear husband will take care of me and our bills 100%.
This or leave me!

In a rejoinder post, she said ;

And it is very funny people are saying it is only in Nigeria this happen.
Men in the abroad whose wives are not working, who dey foot the bills?

so if your wife is working and she needs to buy foodstuffs… e.g bills 30,000.00. You will give 20k and ask her to add 10k cos she is working abi?