By G9ija

An Abuja-based Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), Save Our Heritage Initiative (SOHI), has cautioned the youth against greed and other moral vices.

Ms May Ikokwu, the group’s Chief Executive Officer, gave the caution in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Saturday.

She said that crime and criminality would reduce drastically if  the youth returned to the old values of contentment, humility and hard work.

Ikokwu expressed dissatisfaction at the spate of crime and moral decadence in the society and blamed the development on greed and avariciousness.

She explained that in the past, youths exuded discipline and deep sense of moral values even in the face of pecuniary temptations.

“In many societies, virtue and honour are preferred to money especially corrupt and ill-gotten wealth.

“Honour and virtue were even used as names and titles, moral etiquettes served to preserve the integrity of the older generation.

“They  (older generations) were focused and hard working; contentment and honesty were their watchwords,” she said.

The SOHI chief executive stated that honesty and other forms of moral values were necessary to enthrone an orderly and prosperous society.

According to her, many youths have thrown caution and discipline to the wind, and taken the path of indiscipline and dishonesty.

Ikokwu called for the collective efforts of all stakeholders to re-orientate the youth on the benefits of discipline and contentment.

`The youth are not completely to blame, the society as a whole should be held accountable, the society has promoted dishonesty.

“Moral decadency occurs when dishonest people and criminals are rewarded, we see this happen in our society.

“We have to rise up and speak out as a people; parents should lead by example,” she added.