By G9ija

Apex Igbo Socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo, on Thursday has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari for referring to South-Easterners as ‘a dot in a circle’ and for threatening another military invasion.

The group insisted that the president had a choice between dialogue or an avoidable war against the Igbo.

In a statement signed by the organization’s National Publicity Secretary, Chief Alex Ogbonna, the group insisted that Buhari’s nepotistic and sectional government reinforced the agitation for Biafra by Igbo youths in the South-East.

Ohaneze accused the president of not hiding his disdain for the Igbo since the beginning of his regime, simply because they failed to vote en-mass for him in 2015.

The group decried what it described as a deliberate posting of northern military and police officers at various strategic locations in the South-East, insisting that Operation Restore Peace launched alongside the shoot-on-sight order issued by the Inspector General of Police was targeted at innocent Igbo youths.
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Ohaneze went on to accuse the Buhari-led federal government of what it described as an unprecedented lopsidedness in favour of the Fulani, to the exclusion of other ethnic groups, especially in the area of security architecture, which according to it, would worsen the internal security crisis in the country.

While justifying agitations by Igbo youth, the group said it was committed to a diplomatic approach towards a restructured Nigeria that ensures equity, fairness and rule of law.

Recall that President Buhari in an interview on Arise TV, on Thursday, had referred to IPOB agitators in the South-East as nothing but a dot in a large circle, insisting that they had no where to go.

The President reiterated his now deleted Twitter post where he threatened to deal with South-East agitators in a language that they would understand, adding that his government would send armed forces against them.