By G9ija

Mr Buki Ponle, the Managing Director, News Agency of (NAN) says the agency will strengthen its collaboration with the National Troupe of Nigeria through the use of culture to unite Nigerians.

Ponle said this on Wednesday when the Artistic Director/Chief Executive officer of the troupe, Mr Ahmed Mohammed, visited NAN headquarters in Abuja.

He said, “As I said earlier strengthening our relationship and collaboration with you so that at the end of the day, we can make Nigeria greater than what it is now.

“Well, we are passing through this stage, we will get over it and Nigeria will bounce back I believe, we wont disintegrate, we will come together.

“We will use culture to bind Nigeria because we have been one all along and we will remain one in unity, joy, peace, progress and happiness ,’’ he said.

The managing director assured the National Troupe of giving it 100 per cent coverage in all its activities as long as they aimed at uniting the country and promoting the nation’s growth and development.

“We assure you that we will give 100 per cent coverage in all your activities, 100 per cent collaboration in whatever you want us to do as long as it promotes the oneness of Nigeria.

“It also promotes the growth and development of our country and makes meaning to humanity.

“When you talk to NAN is like you talk to the whole world because we are a One-Stop-Shop,’’ he said.

According to him, the agency has strong multi-media section which produces video and audio.

“We have the Feature Department which encapsulates whatever activities we want to have by going places and reporting the positive way,’’ Ponle said.

The managing director said that the agency was planning to establish Solution Journalism Desk which would be launched soon.

According to him, solution journalism is aimed at getting to the roots of the cause and proffers solutions.

“It is not just for reporting sake. What are the consequences and what have such things led us into. What lessons we have learnt, sharing all these lessons and following up to the end.

“It is not just to be one report, we follow it to the end and proffer solutions.

“We will ensure that we make positive impact in the society and into the people in community or area where the report is being focused,’’ he said.

According to him, the agency will begin a gigantic project that is where your organisation comes in.
“We want to document all heritage sites in the country although it has been done but it has not been done by NAN.

“We wanted to do it about ten years ago but one or two things had happened but we are going to revive the project now.

“We will go out to all heritage sites in the country, compile them in video form, text form and telegraphy form.

“And since your organisation is part of that, they will visit you to collaborate with you,’’ the managing director said.

He recalled that NAN was created by law in 1976 and began operations on Sept. 1, 1978 with the mandate of projecting the image of Nigeria, West Africa and the continent.

He said that the agency began the operations by creating offices across the country and 14 offices outside the country.

Earlier, Mohammed said that his visit was to strengthen the National troupe’s collaboration on news dissemination.

“I’m here to strengthen the collaboration basically on news dissemination because the NAN happened to be one of pillar that really introduces us to the world globally.

“Whenever reaches out to the world and whatever any other media buy from you is still on the country. So, we are also part of the package they need to be sold out of the world.

“This is important so that people will be able to know that this country has a National troupe that can be able to represent this country in any forum in order to appreciate our culture,’’ he said.