By G9ija

Rev. Tajan Moltok, Resident Pastor of Shepherd House Assembly International, Jos on Sunday held special prayers to seek God’s intervention on the security challenges confronting the country.

The Cleric, who led members of the congregation in the special prayer session, prayed the Almighty to expose evil schemes aimed at destabilising the nation.

He urged Nigerians to put their trust in God and remain confident as He would “surely intervene”.

He begged God to save the Church’s members from becoming victims of satanic operations and remove harm from their ways.

He prayed for favour for the congregation in the month of May, and expressed confidence that God would perfect their heart desires.

Moltok encouraged members of the congregation to have a deep relationship with God in the midst of tribulations, noting that such relationship s the root of their strength.

“Nothing on earth should take children of God by surprise; there are accounts of such tribulations in the scriptures,” he said.

In his sermon on the theme for the month of May – Month of Greatness of Eternity – he said that believers must be strong in the Lord and remain steadily in communion with him.

He explained that being strong entailed the conviction to hold unto God no matter the situation, and for believers not to detest themselves no matter the difficult experiences and life disappointments.

“Tell your self the truth even if it hurts; it means losing small to gain something bigger and to be aware you will be unable to do it without God,” he said.

“To become strong in Christ, Christians should study the scriptures to know God. There is power in knowledge. Those that love God are the wisest,” he declared.