By G9ija

Muhammad Khalid, Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters, on Wednesday in Abuja, called for holistic approach to achieve meaningful growth in promotion of peace and unity in Nigeria.

Khalif made the call at the official launch of a book titled: “The Infinite Light, The Pride of Humanity” authored by Sheikh Fathullah Gulen, spiritual leader of Hizmet.

Giving an opening remark at the event, UFUK Dialogue Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, Khalid said that the nation needed peace for development.

“The problem we are facing in this world today is lack of peace. The solution to the problem we are facing today is peace.

“Instead of discriminating against one another let us promote peace and unity. We must use unity in fighting our problem.

“You cannot give peace to the world, if you are not accommodating. Accommodation is more than tolerance.

“Just as it is written in the book, the prophet taught the world the importance of accommodating one another,” Khalid said.

He urged Nigerians to imbibe religious and ethnic tolerance as enshrined in the book, to achieve targets.

Also speaking at the event, Emrah Ilgen, Vice President UFUK Dialogue Foundation, said that the call for peace and unity was apt in tackling problems that affect humanity.

“Disunity is one of the challenges facing the country.

“For us to conquer that we have to open a foundation, invite people to come and sit together, learn from each other despite tribal religion, culture or colour.

“Ignorance is another challenge. We have to open a charity organisation, establish schools and educate people.

“Another solution is poverty eradication, and for us to achieve this, we have to establish charity organisation all over the nation.

“We have to reach out to the needy irrespective of their colour, tribe or religion; we can never be equal, but when we reach out to the needy, we become one,” Ilgen said.

Meanwhile, Imam Fuad Adeyemi, National Chief Imam, Al-habibiyyah Society, expressed appreciation to the author for the publication of the book.

“I thank and appreciate Fathullah Gulen for writting the book and I urge everyone to take time to go through the book.

“We should all worship God or Allah the best way we can; do that we all can enjoy a peaceful country,” Adeyemi said.

The book is centered on the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, as symbol of tolerance and role model to humanity.

The book being translated and published in Hausa, Igbo and English versions would feature maiden broadcast in Hausa on Sunnah TV from first day of Ramadan, in Nigeria.