By G9ija

Richard Okorogheye, a 19-year-old Nigerian student in the United Kingdom left the house in West London, on Monday, March 22, and has yet to return home.

He was last seen boarding a bus southbound in Ladbroke Grove. His disappearance has caused outrage with the parents calling for help.

His father, Christian Okorogheye described him as a tall and strong teenager who enjoys talking to his friend.

His father also blames his disappearance on depression following the lockdown and long stay at home.

“He is a tall strong man; he enjoys talking to his friends. At a point, he got cut off from his friends. Somehow, it happened that he met some people who we were not 100% sure about.

“It has been very devastating. I don’t know how to describe it but it is serious. All we want to do now is how to get him back and tell us his story.

“Richard has been on some kind of setting at home and I think that got him depressed in some ways. When you keep someone at home for like one month plus, and with all these things happening, it added to it. I think he got really fed up of the whole thing,” Christian Okorogheye told Channels Television.

CCTV footage shows Okorogheye was wearing all black and had a black satchel-bag with a white Adidas logo, worn across his lower back when he was boarding the bus with number 23 in Ladbroke Grove at 8.44 pm.

It is still unknown which stop he got off at.

The Metropolitan Police has also put out a short video on Twitter calling on anyone with related information.