By G9ija

Russian President Vladimir Putin has no intention to waste time on a social media account and he does not want this job to be done by someone else either, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview Tuesday.

“The president won’t waste time on [social media account] management,” the spokesman said, commenting on the absence of Putin’s accounts in social media. “But he also does not want, for example, me, his press secretary, to manage his account for him. He believes it would be unfair and wrong.”

Answering a question on why Putin does not want to set up a social media account, Peskov explained: “He does not need it. It does not give him anything over what he has now.”

When asked how Putin learns what is being discussed in social media, the spokesman said: “He has relatives and close ones who show or tell him things. Of course, the Presidential Administration prepares digests for him, tells him about main hot topics.”