By G9ija

A Nigerian Lady has taken to her social media page to reveal that she got married to her lover after just eight months of meeting him for the first time.

Sharing the photos, she wrote ;

Alhamdulillah! Got married to this man after 8 months of knowing each other on Twitter

As expected, reactions trailed the post and here are some we culled from the comment section ;

Abdulhakeem wrote ;

You never disappointed me, I never expected less because since I knew you on twitter you are one of the few that respected her self in all her dealings and all of a sudden you also got married to a well respected person also on twitter,May Almighty Allah bless your union

Fatima wrote ;

Ma sha Allah.

While y’all were doing your lockdown wahala, endsars or whatever wahala, these two were probably someone meeting for the first time.
Now they are married

Grey wrote ;

Where una for dey see this love sef…
Make una cut the soap for me na

Ebere wrote ;

Me too, congratulations, social media still helps in positive ways, I really thank mack for his wonderful innovation on Facebook and etc.