By G9ija

A northern bride left her groom and wedding guest astonished after she made grand entrance in her flowing wedding dress with wings cape.

In the video serving rounds on social media, the bride walked up to her husband in her unique wedding dress, which was styled as an angel. The outfit also had yellow wings and a blue cape.

Reacting to the dreamery wedding outfit, an Instagram user @kate_e_bassey wrote, “Na she first marry for her lineage? “.

@lolaelblack wrote, “Is she being sacrificed? Even Orunmila go taya if na sacrifice. Ki lo le to yi?”.

@precious_the_brand wrote, “This one restrict my airflow 😂😂😂I feel embarrassed on her behalf”.

@Valiestyle wrote, “This stressed me out, thinking how she’ll sit down and her husband just chilling and looking like “just finish your drama and detach that laba laba”.

@tystringz wrote, “Omo She is literally flying down the aisle this no longer walking

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