By G9ija

Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi today, Feb 23, to make a case for criminal herdsmen and bandits.

The cleric, who oftentimes goes into the hideouts of bandits to negotiate with them after they carry out mass kidnappings, said on TV that killer herdsmen shouldn’t be a word because when they kill, it’s accidental. He added that some of them are on drugs.

When the interviewer pointed out to him that these herdsmen and the bandits have been known to cause destruction to lives and properties, the cleric said they do so in revenge.

He likened them to bees that attack when their colony is threatened.

He said: “You call them killer herdsmen, how many people did they kill? They only kill… sometimes, some of them are on drugs. So, that killing is not killing to… They want the money so they’re ready…

“When they kill, it’s mostly accidental, maybe somebody they took who is sick.

“But tell me who they’ve killed. How many? Few.”