By G9ija

Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti and his colleague, Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna have advocated state police and devolution of power between the Federal Government and states of the country.

The governors who spoke at a virtual programme on Friday advocated state police and decentralised judiciary.

The programme tagged “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Tactics and Strategies to Pull Nigeria from the Brink”

Mr El-Rufai said having a state police is critical to the immediate needs of the country to pull back from the brink, saying “one centralised police for the country just has not worked”.

“Secondly, we must amend the Constitution and relevant laws to ensure control of oil and gas, mines, and minerals in the states that already have control over land under the Land Use Act with royalties and taxes payable to the Federal Government and the Federation Account.

“Number three, we must rectify the anomaly of a Federation that has a more or less unitary judiciary,” the governor said.

Emphasising on state police, Mr El-rufai continued, “my first recommendation is to implement the three key devolution proposals that I mentioned above. Give us state police now, vest all minerals in the state now, and decentralise our judiciary now, not tomorrow, not later.”

“There are certain things governors cannot do. Some of them we have alluded to by saying we don’t control security agencies. So, you are chief security officer, but you can call the CP (commissioner of police) and if the IG (Inspector General) says, ‘Don’t talk to him’, that is it.

“In five and a half years, as governor of Kaduna State, I have had eight commissioners of police. They are just posted; they spend seven or eight months (each) on average. Do the mathematics. Eight CPs that have virtually no say in their posting, and so on. How can you have security management if you change the frontline chief of security every eight months on average?”