By G9ija

Dutch coach and pundit, Wim van Hanegem, has taken aim at Jurgen Klopp over Liverpool’s slide this season, saying things have ‘fallen’ apart for the club.

Writing in AD, Van Hanegem was reacting to Liverpool’s defeat at Leicester City on Saturday.

“Liverpool, that’s the classic story of a team that has won a lot and now falling apart because players no longer do ‘it’ for each other. I saw things go wrong early this season,” he said.

“Something like that starts with small things. In the front, they sometimes suddenly stopped giving each other the ball.”

The loss of Virgil van Dijk has also been a great blow for Klopp.

Van Hanegem continued, “If things go smoothly, believe me, a lot of people could be Liverpool’s coaches. Or at Manchester City. Or name a club with a lot of quality. But when things go wrong and you have to adjust and intervene. Then there are very few trainers who really make a difference.”