By G9ija

The food manufacturing company shut down by NAFDAC for revalidating expired spices has reacted.

It was initially reported that following a tip-off, operatives of the Investigation and Enforcement Directorate of NAFDAC stormed the main warehouse and factory of Every Rose Limited, manufacturers of SomGeo brand of spices, and discovered that large quantities of expired curry and thyme spices were stored in the warehouse with packaging materials, labels as well as stamps that were being used to illegally revalidate the already expired products.

However, Every Rose has claimed this is the work of aggrieved former workers fired for stealing from the company.

The food manufacturer stated that contrary to the report out in the public, their NAFDAC validation expired in Dec 2019, not in Dec 2017, and they have made attempts to revalidate their product license, including making the necessary payment, but due to the restrictions resulting form the pandemic, they haven’t finalised NAFDAC inspection.

The company added that they have always renewed their product license as at when due however the pandemic led to a delay this time.

Reacting to expired products being found on their property, Every Rose claimed that only their curry products were expired due to low sales as a result of the pandemic.

They said these expired curry products were kept in a “quarantine facility for subsequent destruction” but one of their dismissed workers, who had threatened to blackmail the company, took NAFDAC there.

The company went on to accuse 2 staff members of “conspiracy”, “stealing”, and “blackmail”. They claim the staff members are behind their woes.

According to a statement released by the company, 2 staff members – Mr Ephraim Equavon and Ms Fortune Wealth Amaechi – were discovered to have been stealing products and manufacturing machines from the company and hiding them away with Fortune’s mother, Ms Favour Amaechi, for the purpose of adulterating their products and reselling.

The company said they discovered this and fired those staff members after they had led them to the stolen products and machines in Ms Favour’s house. They also reported to the police as seen in a police statement shared with LIB, and the dismissed staff, alongside the mother who served as an accomplice, were arrested but later released.

Upon release, the dismissed workers allegedly began threatening to assassinate top management for exposing them. They also allegedly made threats to the company and threats to life of employers and employees, including one Elizabeth who they accused of reporting them to the top management.

They allegedly finally fulfilled their threats of tarnishing the image of the company by leading NAFDAC workers to expired curry the company had planned to destroy, Every Rose said.

Every Rose added that it is a law abiding company and “always comply to the rules and regulations guiding manufacturing in Nigeria”.

The company promised to “see to the end of this issue.”

Below is a statement from the management of Every Rose Limited.