By G9ija

Minister of Aviation Hadi Sirika has urged aviation stakeholders to devise means by which the sector would adapt and operate efficiently with COVID-19 pandemic.

Sirika spoke in a statement by the ministry’s Director of Public Affairs, Mr. James Odaudu, yesterday in Abuja.

He spoke at the opening of a four-day capacity-building retreat for senior management staff of the ministry and its parastatals in Uyo.

According to the minister, COVID-19 pandemic might linger for a while but the sector will not derail from the implementation of the roadmap being pursued by the ministry.

“The aviation sector in 2020, is the worst affected by the pandemic. This happened at a time when the sector in 2019, becomes the fastest-growing sector of the Nigerian economy.

“This actually signifies that our modest effort and roadmap are not only in the right direction, but yielding the right results.

“I noticed that included in the retreat objectives is a discussion on issues and challenges on the implementation of the aviation roadmap. “

“I will urge the retreat to treat and dissect the aviation sector roadmap to digest its content and facilitate its implementation,” the minister said.

He appealed to participants to come up with a framework for improving the relationship between the ministry and its agencies to the level of achieving high-level implementation of the roadmap and to smooth the inter-agency relationship.