By G9ija

Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has knocked the global rights advocacy group, Amnesty International (AI), for allegedly calling for legislation in support of same-sex marriage and abortion in Nigeria and other African countries.

Addressing reporters yesterday in Abuja, HURIWA’s Executive Director/National Coordinator Emmanuel Onwubiko warned against the grave implication of allowing into the country “values” that could impact negatively on the lives of Nigerians in the guise of enforcing global human rights.

He said: “Cultural rights protect the rights of each person, individually and in community with others, as well as groups of people, to develop and express their humanity, their world view and the meanings they give to their existence and their development through, inter alia, values, beliefs, convictions, languages, knowledge, etc.

“Because culture affects all aspects of human life, cultural rights illustrate the indivisibility and interdependence of all rights in a more comprehensive fashion than any other rights.

“The recent Amnesty International’s goals published on its Facebook account, which includes making same-sex relations legal in all countries, making abortion legal in all countries and abolishing the death penalty in all countries, has once again raised concerns over the issue of globalisation and indigenous concept of sexuality and abortion.”

The Nigerian rights group queried what it called the deliberate struggle by AI to rebrand a known fault, vis-à-vis the African value, on the sanctity of life and the sacredness of marital union, culminating in the decimation of a fundamental truth, “whose facts are so crystal clear and even known by inveterate fools, that human rectum is not for sex”.