Every now and again, I hear new stories about some men getting “betrayed” by a Nigerian spouse whom they’ve brought abroad.. however, I can’t help but notice that they are often the cause of their own misfortune. As harsh as it sounds, some men have had to learn the hard way that ignorance and hero-complex will cost a man far more than he can ever bargain for..

Category 1: Those with a warped mindset of the ” ‘cultureless’ akata”

My experience:
Let’s go back to my uni days some years back.. the dating scene was wild, brutal and exciting.. back then, the disparity was huge between the “freshiees” and UK grown blacks (unlike today) .. but yet, I was opportuned to mix and mingle with so many young Nigerian guys who were in the UK as international students at the time.. some also young working professionals ( of which are still life-long friends of mine up till today)…

..whilst on the dating scene, I noticed that a lot of Nigerian guys seemed to have a mentality that “akata” girls were “too exposed” compared to Nigerian girls back home, so they played games with them, often ditching these girls to marry home-based chicks.. I remember having such a silly and childish dream of relocating to Nigeria back then . Hahha.. and thought I would end up with a “freshiie” who would ‘take me back to the motherland’.. haha. though I ended up with someone with a migration story just like mine; we both moved to the UK as kids in the early 2000s.. and my husband is a male ‘akata’ to core 

 ..with no intention whatsoever of moving back.

Truth be told, a lot of guys who had temporary flings with “akata” girls ended up moving back to Nigeria, and are still regretting their decision till today.. Many returned to find their girlfriends had moved on and married older men. Others attempted to bring their girlfriends here to find out they’ve been used as a mere stepping stone to “greener pastures”.

Category 2: Those who used and dumped white women for papers and then brought their “ungrateful Nigerian wives” abroad.

Men who are desperate for papers often opt for the easy way out: marrying an older white woman (and in some cases a poor unsuspecting black woman from another African country who has papers) … they do this with the mindset that they would bring their “real wife” from Nigeria.
Now when their ‘wife’ divorces them.. these men will scream betrayal, forgetting the trail of heartbreaks they’ve left behind.. Now how do such men think they will use a foreign woman, break her heart, and yet live happily ever after with an imported bride?? how??

In summary,

When I hear stories of bitter divorces and men killing their spouse whom they brought from Nigeria I can’t help but think this could’ve been avoided if they focused on settling with a so called “akata”. Yes, she may not feign fake ‘submission’ like home-based Nigerian chicks, but what makes her less likely to ‘betray’ or mess you up is the absence of entitlement mentality.
…someone coming directly from Nigeria typically has a dog eat dog mentality caused by an oppressive system of lack. Whereas an abroad based chick already learns not to depend on a man from as early as 16 – 17 years of age.. most already have part time jobs as students and know the value of working for their money.. they won’t take crap but at least what you see is what you get.. abroad based girls (akatas) are not angels but are far better than the pretenders back home y’all believe are “wife materials”.. but people generally hold on to an illusion over what is real.