By Sunday Akanni Moshood

There are lots of innocent-looking ladies that are actually filled with wickedness. Unfortunately, people that moved closer to such (particularly men that married them due to their looks), are still nursing the pains they suffered from such decision, and always wished they could turn back the hands of time.

There are many responsible-looking men who are actually terrible individuals. Talk about ‘Behind’ Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Bankers, MDs, etc. They appear like a gentleman, always looking good and even dressing smart. Unfortunately, those that moved closer to such (particularly women who married them because of what they portrayed on the outside) have suffered vehemently from the bitter venom such men posesses (some even turned their wives into punching bags).

Don’t be deceived by people’s outward appearances. That sweet-looking lady or gentleman you see, might be an apprentice of the devil! So, can you see why you must align with the Holy Spirit so you won’t get ruined?

Many of those beautiful-looking folks you see around are actually ugly within. And you should know that the inside is what really matters. If the inside is ugly, then the person is ugly (irrespective of how good-looking their face is). They have beautiful faces with ugly character. Pleasant-looking appearances with an ugly attitude. Don’t be deceived!

So, today, you see pleasant-looking ladies flaunting their bodies on our streets and on social media. Exposing parts of their bodies meant to be private, with boldness. What many don’t know is that such ‘beautiful’ ladies are not ordinary humans. They appear beautiful and sexy during the day, but check them out (if you can) during the dark when they gather at their evil covens, as witches, ladies of the underworld from evil marine kingdoms, holding evil meetings in thick forests, and even inside trees.

They will drop their borrowed pleasant-looking appearances, and they turn into their real features (old, ugly, evil, and brutal)
So when next you see that ‘beautiful’ and scanty-dressed lady, have it at the back of your mind that she is on a mission during the day (to make people sin, so the devil her master can have access to plunder you), and when it’s dark, she transform into a terrible ugly creature.

Listen, if you failed to have certain divine wisdom and knowledge that will keep you ahead of these evil folks from the kingdom of darkness, they will deceive you with their appearances, have access into you, and get you ruined. These things are true.

We live in a terrible world. Hence, to be secured (and ahead of these evil forces), you must surrender your life to JESUS Christ. He is the Ancient Wisdom of GOD, and He will help you live life properly and securedly.

JESUS will send the Holy Spirit to you, and the Good LORD will help you discern who you should associate with, and those you should run away from. Just call upon the Name of Jesus wherever you are, and He will come to you.
The world is evil. Please, don’t allow these evil folks (who always appear pleasant) to sweep you away.

Create and maintain an intimate relationship with God.

Culled From Nairaland