By Debola Ayinde

Linseeds and flaxseeds are the same thing when it comes to buying edibles here in Africa.

Nutritionally they are the same, the only
difference can be seen in the plant itself. The confusing comes from the two big English-speaking countries. In the UK, they distinguish between linseed and flax, while in the United States and Canada, they refer to both as flax. As we get more influence from the American language, especially in the food industry, it seems the lines have become blurred.

Linseed is a shorter plant, with lots of branches and lots of seeds. Flaxseed is taller (3 foot) with fewer branches. Therefore, linseed is good for creating oil and flax has longed been used to make linen, rope, and nets. There is even a boat called Flaxland, made completely of flax. However, we are not completely interested in farming, or making boats so let’s talk about EATING!

Linseeds are tasty little protein-and healthy-fats packed, inexpensive seeds, so, lets rock it as we possibly can in our kitchen.
👉Use flax meal to replace eggs
👉Use your linmeal as a binder
👉Use as cereals
👉Use as an ingredient in healthy granola
👉Use in bread to make it stretchy

Debola Ayinde, a Teacher, a Dietetic, a Mother and a Wife, live’s in Ibadan.
Debola and her team have worked with so many people to make them happy in terms of their health and general well beings., she coaches and motivate her clients to burn excess body fats and stay trim, beautiful/handsome, and healthy which brings about youthful appearance.