By G9ija

The aspirant for chairman of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government in next year’s local government election in Lagos, Mr. Taofeek Olajide Kuye has urged young men and women to get involved in active politics so as to decide the future of their children.

Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government

Kuye made the call at Ajeromi on Wednesday at a press briefing to hint of his political aspiration in his local council next year.

He also advocated for the creation of a website for every local government where they can state what projects they are working on and how far they have gone with such projects

The website, he said, will also serve as a feedback mechanism for the people to know how well the local governments is performing and also make inputs into local administration, saying with this arrangement a lot would be achieved by local councils.

Speaking on performance of local governments, he said, though they have not been transparent with their finances, some of the local governments are doing well while some are doing poorly.

He however, said that with the recent financial autonomy granted local governments, they would begin to perform better because there would be no more complaint of their allocations been tampered with by any body.