By G9ija

A Nigerian man has shared a chat with his mother who’s interested in finding a partner for him.


A Nigerian man has been left laughing out loud after chatting with his mother who is trying so hard to arrange a wife for him. Media personality, Opata Efungwu shared his chat with his mother, who really wants to see him settle down. From the chat with he shared, his mom sent a photo of a lady to him, and asked him to decide if he would want to see her when he comes home for Christmas. “Check if you will like to see this girl in December when you come home for Christmas or not. If you will like to have her number or not. I still want to show you another person if you want me to”, his mom wrote. Sharing the conversation on his Instagram page, he wrote; “This life if someone told me when I was younger that a time will come when my mom will be hustling girls for me, I would never have believed it”.