By G9ija

A Nigerian man has cried out that his height is preventing him from getting into a relationship.


A Nigerian man who was the tallest Corps member in Minna, Niger state has revealed his height is preventing him from getting into a relationship. In an interview, Cardoso Oluwatosin Michael, from Lagos Island shared his pains.

 Cardoso graduated from The Polytechnic Ibadan where he studied science laboratory technology in 2018. His plan, for now, is to settle down with a wife and then travel abroad for his master’s. But there is a major problem: Getting a partner as his height, he says, is scaring away ladies from him. From the beginning to the end of this interview, there was no dull moment with Cardoso as he opened up about his life, his parents, his past and future. The 6.9 footer wants to be a lecturer later in life and a renowned basketball player.

 What is your height? (Bursts into prolonged laughter) I know you will ask this question. I am 6.9 feet. The height is an advantage to me in the pursuit of my basketball career. 

Do you see yourself as the tallest man in the country? I have not moved round the entire country, so I wouldn’t know my position. But what I know is that I am one of the tallest people anywhere I have been to and it makes me highly distinct from others.

Which of your parents has similar intimidating height? Neither of them has such intimidating stature but the two of them are a little bit tall and fat. However, there is one of my maternal uncles who is very tall and my mother used to tell me that I must have inherited the height from him; I also know that some of my father’s relatives are tall; so I must have inherited the height from both families. 

Have there been instances whereby your parents made intimidating comments about your height? Yes, yes. Though my father is late, my mother during conversation or argument with her occasionally will just pounce on me in Yoruba and say, “Iru omo wo niyi, o kan ga gogoro, nibo lo ti gbe giga re yi wa gan?”, meaning, “What type of child are you? You are just tall for nothing, in fact, from where did you get this your intimidating height?” And we will just laugh over it including those around and that is all especially since we know that being tall is not a disease or curse. 

Do you feel bad or regret having this height? It is mixed feelings depending on how it comes. My belief as a Christian is that God did not make a mistake to have given me this height because everything done by God is perfect. 

Sad experience… There was a day in Ibadan that I was embarrassed by a taxi driver; I wanted to enter his vehicle and he disallowed me from coming in as he drove me away as if I am not a human being. Speaking in Yoruba to me in a loud voice, the taxi driver said, “Young man, don’t come in at all o; in fact keep away from this car. I will not carry you because your height won’t give my other passengers their due space.” When this happens, as a student and as a normal human being, one would feel intimidated. But anytime it happens, I quickly put it behind me and forge ahead and remain consoled that being tall is not a disease and that, somewhere, I will use this same height to my advantage. Sometimes when I have to travel, because I cannot sit just anywhere in commercial vehicles because of my long legs, I beg or abandon travelling especially when passengers refuse to vacate the front or side seats for me or wait for the next vehicle. 

Problem shopping for wears… Ah! This is another experience in life especially in the market because everything is double size for me! I have a lot of challenges in this aspect. I don’t usually see my trousers length, shirts size and other clothes in the market due to my height. So, I usually call my junior sister to buy materials which I give to my tailor to sew to my taste and size.