By G9ija

The spot kick awarded against Clement Lenglet for a foul on Sergio Ramos has led to more claims of  conspiracy.

In the second half Sergio Ramos fell to the floor after having his shirt tugged inside the area by Barca defender Clement Lenglet. After a lengthy VAR consultation, the penalty was awarded which Ramos himself slotted home.

But it didn’t end there…

A journalist was sent to Munuera’s home town of Benidorm to investigate his background and where he grew up.

Upon arriving in Benidorm it was ‘discovered’ that Munuera’s father founded a Real Madrid youth team in Alicante called Los Amigos, and upon speaking to a former ‘friend’ of the referee, branded him as a ‘confessed Madridista’.

Fortunately, Barcelona fans, as well as everyone else, have led the condemnation of this ‘exclusive’ that plumbs new depths and could even threaten the safety of the referee in extreme circumstances.

But with newspapers to sell daily and playing to a certain type of audience, Sport may have already received the attention that they sought after.