By G9ija

The lawmaker representing Kwara Central, Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe, has empowered 300 people in Information Communication Technology (ICT), tailoring, hairdressing and others.

He said unemployment is one of the greatest problems of Nigeria.

Oloriegbe said: “The major problem we have in this country is unemployment. This is why anybody that wants to do empowerment will have to think about what is valuable to the people. This is why we have empowered 85 youths from our constituency in Information Communication Technology (ICT).

“We have also provided them with laptops. The other set of the empowerment involves 125 beneficiaries in fashion designing, soap making, hairdressing, cobbling and catering. These are essentials because human beings have to eat. The empowerment cuts across categories of persons.”

Oloriegbe, the chairman, Senate Committee on Health, urged the youth not to allow themselves to be used for ulterior motives by politicians.

The former World Health Organisation (WHO) consultant was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of his zonal intervention and empowerment programme in Ilorin.

“The final thing is to urge people that are sponsoring violence to know that violence does not pay anybody, because once a life is lost, it cannot be regained. Everybody has a potential but this can only be achieved through peace. Nothing is achieved through violence,” he said.