By G9ija

The African Development Bank (AFDB) in partnership with the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy and Microsoft launched the Digital Nigeria eLearning Platform on Wednesday to provide young people opportunity to gain in-demand competitive digital skills free of charge.

The Digital Nigeria eLearning Platform is a key component of the Digital Nigeria programme which aims to empower innovators and entrepreneurs with the requisite skills to thrive in the emerging digital economy. The programme is in alignment with the African Development Bank’s strategic agenda to create 25 million jobs in agriculture, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and other key sectors by 2025, and to equip 50 million African youth with competitive skills.

The programme will leverage the framework of the Bank’s Coding for Employment programme (supported by The Rockefeller Foundation and Microsoft), which aims to deliver demand-driven, agile and collaborative skills to support African youth to become innovative players in the digital economy, while building synergies between the public and the private sector to create nine million jobs over a 10 year period.

The Digital Nigeria eLearning Platform teaches technical courses such as web development, content creation, data science, etc. The platform also leverages gamification such as Minecraft to teach problem solving, collaboration, creative thinking and fundamental coding. The platform will be constantly updated with new courses in respond to market demands, within the country and will leverage further partnerships to provide relevant certified training content.

Content on the platform is accessible via a learning portal hosted on, as well as a mobile app which is available on the Playstore. The platform is adapted to operate effectively in locations with low-internet connectivity or bandwidth. Learners are also able to download the courses for offline access through the mobile app, with each course duly compressed to reduce download cost and time.  It also supports personalized learning at scale through its affordable, easy-to-navigate, secured and private interface. Furthermore, learners can download certificates after they complete their courses.